VarioTwin Large – easy mounting on flat roofs and open fields and extreme stability

Photovoltaic open field plants guarantee yields above average. At the same time, the mounting of the solar modules is extremely time- and cost-intensive, at least when employing traditional systems. The flat roof mounting system VarioTwin Large which has been developed by the SOLARDIREKT Energy GmbH und Co. KG based in Rheine is a great alternative to conventional solutions.

The system is available with inclination angles of 15 and 27 degrees. Quick and easy mounting, no intrusion into nature, no expensive ground works and a flexible and at the same time stable construction technique which enables infinite rows without gaps are the most important advantages.

Usually, metal racks are mounted in long parallel rows and must be anchored in the ground by shallow or deep stands. The disadvantage of deep stands is that earth studs must be deeply rammed into the ground. This means an extreme intrusion into nature bearing the risk of water pollution. Therefore, you must carry out expensive ground analyses beforehand. Shallow stands need laborious concrete foundations casted in single forms or strips.

“We developed the VarioTwin Large to be used with almost all conventional cross-mounted solar modules,” explains Managing Director Peer Haase. “Thanks to the open sides, no heat builds up and the solar modules perform at full all the time. Compared to other open field plants, VarioTwin Large is not subject to wind attacks and smoothly integrates into the landscape. As easy as the mounting is as easy is the retreat. The VarioTwin Large can be used on open fields as well as on flat roofs up to a height of 35m. Both inclination angles, 15 and 27 degrees, withstand storms.”

As sustainability is a major issue at SOLARDIREKT, the system is mainly made of a resistant polyethylene plastic bowl (DPE) which are 1005 recyclable. To ensure structural safety, the bowl which is the carrier, is loaded with ballast such as stones, gravel or concrete. Then, the aluminium profile is mounted on which the solar modules are assembled.

Currently, the system is employed close to London at the BV. Hanger Lane on a roof of 30m height.

For more information or an individual offer, please, contact Peer Haase, or on the phone +49 5971 8240526.

Reference plant Marks Gate, 32.94 kw

Reference plant Cental Bed College, 29.25 kw

Reference plant Innovation Centre Portsmouth with 27.75 kw