We develop, produce, and sell mounting systems for solar panels

WELCOME to Solardirekt,

your specialist and reliable partner for innovative and sustainable flat-roof mounting systems made from recycled material.

The Spirit of the company

“the easy way” is our guiding principle and at the same time describes the most important features of our products. “easy” stands for simplicity in all aspects of our products. Our systems and solutions are easy and fast to mount, lightweight, and easy to transport.

The basis for product development

Solardirekt combines entrepreneurial spirit with cost-efficient and sustainable solutions. With this as its basis, the VARIOTWIN product line sets international standards particularly for flat-roof installation.

Current product highlights

With our latest innovation VARIOTWIN 4.1, we have filled the market gap for specialized mounting systems for thin-film PV modules. Like the VARIOTWIN 4.0 for crystalline modules, the VARIOTWIN 4.1 features a winning combination of short assembly times, easy installation, and low mounting and transport costs.


As an integral part of the photovoltaic industry, our company takes sustainability seriously. The concept of sustainability serves as a foundation for our product development as well as for major corporate decisions. Our systems are not only made from recycled materials; they also require minimal use of materials and do not need any additional components or tools for installation.


Marketing the VARIOTWIN product line on a global scale is at the top of our agenda for the coming years. We aim to position Solardirekt as one of the leading producers in the field of flat-roof mounting systems in plastic.



More than 100 MW installed in projects worldwide.


Product launch VARIOTWIN 4.1

The VARIOTWIN 4.1, the flat-roof mounting system for thin-film modules, premiers at the Intersolar Europe in Munich (22-24 June).


Launch of the VARIOTWIN 4.0

The VARIOTWIN 4.0, the new flat-roof mounting system for crystalline solar modules, is launched. The VARIOTWIN 4.0 is the easiest flat-roof mounting system in the world.


the easy way

The development of a new flat-roof mounting system gets under way in line with the slogan "the easy way". The goal: a product that is fast, easy, and yet sustainable.



The VARIOTWIN product line is expanded with the VARIOTWIN Large 15°.



The VARIOTWIN product line is enhanced with the mounting system VARIOTWIN Large 27°.


Launch of the VARIOTWIN product line

The VARIOTWIN product line is launched with the mounting system VARIOTWIN. It is made of HDPE (plastic). The production of thermoformed plastic begins.


Launch of the K1

The company’s first own flat-roof mounting system – called K1 – is presented at the Intersolar in Munich. The K1 mounting system is made of PP (plastic).

Solardirekt ENERGY GmbH & Co.KG

Solardirekt GmbH & Co.KG becomes Solardirekt ENERGY GmbH & Co.KG.



Solardirekt GmbH & Co. KG is founded in Rheine as a system integration company.