A new market is arising in Germany – for mini solar plants

Since the end of 2017 you can operate your own mini solar plants. Other European countries, such as Switzerland, Portugal or Germany paved the way for the new regulations. As a result, not only house owners but also tenants can produce their own electricity by operating their own plant, for example on the terrace or balcony or on the roof of their carport or garage.

Thanks to its easy assembly which can be accomplished by non-experts, the VarioTwin 4.0 module carrier are particularly suitable for the installation of such mini solar plants. The system is lightweight, does not need much space and is made of 100% recyclable materials.

To install your own little solar plant with VarioTwin 4.0 module carriers you do not need any further components or tools. The modules just must be clicked into the carriers – that’s it. The demounting of the system is as easy as the assembly. You do not have to make any changes to your balcony, terrace or garage. With only little effort and within shortest time you can install your own in-house solar plant and reduce your electricity bill.