Finally! After months of preparation, I’m finally at the Intersolar Europe, the most important trade fair for the solar industry. My first public appearance for and with Solardirekt. Man, it’s hot in here! And crowded – especially at our stand. No wonder – the world’s fastest flat-roof mounting system, now for thin-film solar panels – that has people curious. Everything “the easy way” of course; it’s our corporate philosophy. Just click the solar panel into the VARIOTWIN 4.1, our flat-roof mounting system for thin-film panels, and you’re done. I hope it works when I have to demonstrate it!

Here comes my first potential customer. He doesn’t look like he’d be especially good with his hands, with his fancy suit, patent-leather shoes, and all.

Well, take a deep breath and here we go! Take the thin-film panel, first click the one side into mounting clamps of the VARTIOTWIN 4.1, then the other. Click – the panel is in place. The custmer is amazed: “That really was fast. And you don’t need any other parts or tools?” He is impressed, thanks me politely for the demonstration and hurries off. I see him back there still whispering with another patent-leather shoe wearer. He’s pointing at me! Look out, patent-leather shoe wear no. 2 is headed straight for me: “I hear you have a flat-roof mounting system that even women can install?”

Haha! Very funny! But I remain professional and keep my cutting remarks to myself. Instead: Click – the next panel is in place. He is convinced too. What? He would like to talk to my boss directly about placing an order? I take him to my boss right away. I wonder if this means I’ll be getting a bonus…

By the end of the fair, I have to say: I did in fact earn a bonus simply for the hundreds of solar panels I clicked into the VARIOTWIN. Click, click, click, click. What would I have done without our stand partner Jurchen Technology, who rejuvenated me every now and then with encouraging words and refreshing drinks?

There we see it yet again: A short demonstration is much more impressive than any advertising brochure. I’m already looking forward to the next fair when everything clicks for us again.