Intersolar 2018 - The sun will be the central energy source of the future

This last interview of our series with Markus Elsässer, Managing Director of the Solar Promotion GmbH, focuses on the new concept of this year’s Intersolar which mirrors the changed market environment.

Solardirekt: „What are innovations of this year’s fair?“

Markus Elsässer: „This year, we will present several innovations. Under the umbrella of our new „The smarter E Europe” fair concept we integrate the Intersolar Europe, we four different special fairs: In addition to the Intersolar Europe and the ees Europe, we present the EM-Power for the first time, our fair for smart energy use in buildings and industrial applications, and the Power2Drive Europe, focusing on loading infrastructure and e-mobility. Yet, The Smarter E Europe highlights the major challenges of the modern energy market: to produce and distribute environmentally-friendly energy (Intersolar Europe), to store energy efficiently (ees Europe) and to consume it in smart way (EM-Power) and use it for mobile solutions (Power2Drive Europe). With just one ticket, our visitors experience the whole world of our modern energy market at its full depth. This is unique world-wide.”

Solardirekt: „The fair is booked out. Many years, we have seen a decrease in exhibitor figures. Is the solar energy market re-advancing?“

Markus Elsässer: „We were booked out three months before the actual start of the Intersolar Europe. This positive development mirrors the current changes in the PV-market. Worldwide, the industry is looking forward to sunny days again. There are two main reasons for this positive development: the strong improvement of the efficiency of the solar cells and the decreasing PV-production prices. Against the background of this positive market conditions, many new companies came to life which boost the market with innovative solutions. With over 86,000m², 1,200 exhibitors of which 50% come from abroad, 55,000 visitors from 165 countries and eight fair halls, the E Europe is the leading fair of the industry.”

Solardirekt: „Will solar energy play an important role in the future energy supply mix?”

Markus Elsässer: „Solar energy will be a central pillar of the supply with renewable energy forms. By far, the sun is the biggest alternative energy source. It is 100% environmentally friendly and cost-neutral. It gives us 15,000 times more energy than we can consume world-wide. It would be a shame not to use this enormous potential. In addition to this, solar energy is the cheapest renewable energy source. Of course, wind and water power, biomass and geothermal energy will be important for a sufficient and smooth energy supply. Only the combination of solar energy with other renewable resources will enable a 100% change to alternative energy forms. Already, many customers reject energy from big plants abroad. They prefer PV-plants, block heating plants, fuel cells or small wind power plants to produce their own energy. These “prosumers” produce and use their own energy. The solar industry will only play a dominant role if we have smart energy solutions which enable a cost-saving and efficient use of the new energy forms. Here, the digitalisation is a driving factor. It enhances the smart and efficient integration of the different sectors – electricity, heat and mobility. It harmonises supply and demand and enables smart energy management. As a result, energy from renewable resources is not only collected but also stored, efficiently distributed and used in an environmentally friendly way.”

Solardirekt: “Mr. Elsässer, thank you for the interview.”