Solardirekt presents the world's fastest flat-roof mounting system, now available for thin-film modules. For over a year our flat-roof mounting system VARTIOTWIN 4.0 for crystalline modules has been a success on the international market. With unparalleled, short construction timeframes and a significant reduction in assembly costs, our system has set new standards for the market.

Following strong demand for a similar solution for thin-film PV modules, we will be presenting VARIOTWIN 4.1 at this year's Intersolar Europe 2016 exhibition, which is taking place in Munich from 22 to 24 June. We are looking forward to welcoming you at the exhibition booths of our strategic partners Jurchen Technology GmbH (Hall A3, Booth A3.152) and Calyxo GmbH (Hall A3, Booth A3.470) to present you our innovative solution.

As with the VARIOTWIN 4.0, the VARIOTWIN 4.1 can be installedextremely fast and with low assembly costs. The system is easy to handle and, thanks to the integrated clamps, requires no further componants such as profiles or screws. Due to the aerodynamic shape, the ballast weight is significantly reduced. It goes without saying that the VARIOTWIN 4.1 carries a certification of stability issued by structural engineers. Thanks to the low volume and weight of the material, transport costs are low. In line with Solardirekt's approach to sustainability, VARIOTWIN 4.0 and VARIOTWIN 4.1 are manufactured exclusively from recycled HDPE.

See it for yourself and be convinced at the Intersolar, Booth A3.152 (Jurchen Technology GmbH) or Booth A3.470 (Calyxo GmbH).