We've been asked a lot of times wether our carrier systems, which are made of HDPE plastic, are lightning-proof. That's why we think it's time to answer our clients‘ questions concerning the lightning protection of our products.

First of all: Yes, our flat-roof mounting system VarioTwin 4.0 is lightning-proof!

Per specifications of the producers, all carrier systems and module frames have to be grounded. Our carrier systems are made of the plastic material HDPE which is non-conductive.

The most common way of lightning protection is the installation of a looped cable. Yet, this solution means time and effort.

In line with our guiding principle “The easy way” we developed a simple grounding system. All you need to do is to insert a grounding plate between the solar module and the integrated module clamps of the VarioTwin 4.0. Afterwards, the solar module is grounded and can be connected to the existing lightning protection.

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Enclosed you find the frequently asked question

  1. Is the plastic material HDPE conductive?
    No, HDPE is non-conductive.
  2. Does the VarioTwin 4.0 meet the specifications of the module producers?
    Yet, it does.
  3. How does the grounding system of Solardirekt work?
    You only have to insert a grounding plate between the solar module and the integrated clamps of the carrier system.
  4. May the system be integrated into the existing lightning-protection?
  5. What are the advantages of the Solardirekt solution compared to other methods, such as the lopped cable system?

  6. Our system is much cheaper and easy and quick to handle.

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