iKUBE F150 - mobile and integrated energy solutions

The mobile solar power generators belonging to the F Series had been conceived to have clean energy, wherever needed, immediately available. The main feature of F Series is the mobility. The PV panels are integrated in the structure of the unit and the opening/closing mechanism allows the F Series models to be ready in seconds to supply energy. The F Series models require no installation. By means of the wide range of optional features and the possibility to set different logics of operation simply from the control panel of the unit, the F series models can be customized and adapted to different energy requirements.The two models available provide different power for different indoor/outdoor applications.

Technical details

Product video

Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions (closed): 1,27 x 1,27 x1,20 m
Dimensions (opened): 3,13 x 2,57 x 2,28 m
Depth: 300 mm
Weight Max.: 500 kg
Surface PV sail: 9m²


Power Inverter: 2/3/4 KWp
Voltage Inverter: 110V / 220V
Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Output (Ah): 200/220/245/400
Voltage (V): 6 / 12
System voltage: 24 / 48
Typology: AGM / GEL
Typology: Mono- & polycrystalline
Quantity: 9 (1x1 m)
Power (kW): 1,3 / 1,35 / 1,4