Since the United Arab Emirate have discovered the renewable energy forms, they keep investing into the growth of their solar power. One of the latest installations is a free-field photovoltaic plant of 75 kwp on Nurai Island in Abu Dhabi. The plant which is installed on sand was mounted on the VarioTwin 4.0 mounting system of the Solardirekt Energy GmbH & Co. KG from Rheine, Germany.

The installation is a pilot project for a major installation with a total power of 1.5 MW. “Of course, the environment of the plant is a challenge,” says Managing Director Peer Haase. “It is extremely hot and dry. Also, the plant is mounted on sandy soil. In fact, our VarioTwin 4.0 is ideal for this environment.  Traditional fixations such as rams cannot be anchored in sand. Our system does not need any extra fastenings. The VarioTwin 4.0 only must be assembled and then loaded. That’s it. “

In addition to the independent assembly, Daniel Zywietz, Managing Director of Enerwhere Sustainable Energy, a Dubai-based plant manufacturer which specialises in large scale plants, was impressed by the simplicity of the system.

“The system is almost self-explanatory”, he says. “The assembly instruction consists of only a few pictures – this is all you need. We employ people from different countries and they all speak different languages. Often, it is a problem to overcome the language barriers. The visual language of the VarioTwin 4.0 is international. Finally, we only needed eight work days for the mounting of the modules. Another advantage is, that you do not need any extra tools. Even untrained employees can mount the VarioTwin 4.0. An extra benefit was that Solardirekt calculated the needed ballast for us.

While other systems of the VarioTwin product family have already been mounted outside of Europe, this was the first overseas delivery of the VarioTwin 4.0. “The project was a logistic challenge,” says Peer Haase. He and Shareholder Manfred Brinkmann are now looking forward to the test results to get ready for the next delivery.