1. Is it possible to lay the cables in both directions?
    It is possible to lay the cables in both directions, whether for a south-facing or an east-west-facing system, without any problems.
  2. Is the VARIOTWIN 4.0 capable of carrying lightning current? Even when mounted on a flat roof?
    The VARIOTWIN 4.0 is made of HDPE (plastic), and is thus not electrically conducting.
  3. Is the VARIOTWIN 4.0 compatible with all types of roofing?
    The material is compatible with nearly all types of roofing and does not contain plasticizers.
  4. How is ballast applied to the VARIOTWIN 4.0? How heavy does the ballast have to be?
    It depends on the location of the system.
  5. How long does it take to install the VARIOTWIN 4.0?
    VARIOTWIN 4.0 is the fastest and easiest flat-roof mounting system in the world. It takes less than 2 minutes to install 1 kWp. No special tools are needed for the installation.
  6. Is the VARIOTWIN weather-proof?
    The material HDPE (high density polyethylen) is highly resistant to acid, alkaline solutions, and other chemicals. In addition, HDPE is extremely stable and hard-wearing.
  7. Is there a guarantee for the VARIOTWIN 4.0? And if so, for how long?
    We offer a 10-year guarantee.
  8. What solar panels are suitable for the system?
    VARIOTWIN 4.0 facing south or east-west is suitable for all commercially standard solar panels with a width of up to 998 mm and a frame thickness of 48 mm.
  9. Is there a stability check for the VARIOTWIN 4.0? If so, how is it calculated?
    The stability check is calculated by an independent engineering office according to DIN 1055-4 (wind loads) and DIN 1055-5 (snow loads) in their currently valid versions.
  10. What can the maximum slope of a roof be where the VARIOTWIN 4.0 system is installed?
    The slope can be up to 5°.
  11. What is the angle of the VARIOTWIN 4.0 facing south or east-west?
  12. Is it possible to dismantel individual solar panels at any time?
    It is possible to dismantel the system at any time and with little effort.